Amusement Parks

Helio Center

Just off the river, the neon lights and tree lined walkways of the Helio Center amusement park attract both local and tourist visitors for a day and early evening of fun. The park has all the traditional offerings of an amusement park, the rides jangle, hum and send visitors whirling through the air, bumper cars ricochet to sounds of laughter, go-karts roar around corners and couples hold hands as they slide around an ice-skating rink. All through the tree-lined walkways, refreshments are lined up on stands and shops sell trinkets and clothes. A day at Helio is a perfect opportunity to relax and laugh with the family or that special someone.

2 Thang 9, west of Tuyen Son Bridge

0511 363 0888

5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri) 8am – 10pm (Sat – Sun)

Sun Wheel

A neon fixture on the Da Nang skyline, the outline of the Sun Wheel twirls throughout the night and marks the location of Asia Park. The wheel is the centerpiece of the park surrounded by manicured gardens and statuettes in arrangement and a blinking amusement area full of games. The finale of any visit to Asia Park is the city views atop the Sun Wheel, one of the tallest wheels of its kind in the world. From above, the city sprawls below like a garden of lights with the Han River winding through ferrying lighted party boats back and forth. Asia Park and the Sun Wheel present a nice stop during a night on the town for couples and families to walk the gardens, play some games, and take in a stunning view.

Entrance fee: 100,000d

Hours: 16:00-23:00

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