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Vietnam Pocket Guide - Da Nang issue offers a comprehensive guide to this beautiful seaside city—the first of its kind in print, web, and app format. Da Nang has risen from a sleepy beachside town to a major tourist destination over the past decade. As the skyline construction and international arrivals expand, visitors continue rolling in.

This book has the information you need to experience Da Nang to its fullest. From plans for beach days and mountain treks to 5-star hotels and top-class spas and everything in between, Da Nang has a niche for any traveller. This guide was designed to be an easy to use resource that lets you find that niche. Take a copy for free. Download our app. Check out the website. See where it can take you and travel well.

It is the one and only pocket guide masterfully designed for tourists in Da Nang. It showcases highly recommended tourist spots and recreational activities in Da Nang, Vietnam through its well-structured info graphics for optimum user experience. It is the essential tour guide for visitors, expatriates, and other visiting individuals.

VNPG is the ultimate compact travel and leisure guide with a comprehensive list of the most important tourist information including maps, means of transport, updated local market prices, must-visit destinations and emergency contacts. It was conceptualized to increase interest in various destinations in the region.

VNPG is reader friendly, insightful, detailed, and attractively designed from cover to cover to elicit excitement in all readers. In addition, it comes with a fully- responsive web version compatible with various digital platforms including PCs, tablets and mobile devices.