Galina Mudbath and Spa

Package: Mudbath, jacuzzi and swimming pool
Was:360,000d per person.
NOW: 250,000d (40% discount)
Quantity in stock: 25
Read more about Galina Mudbath and Spa here.
Terms and conditions apply.

Papaya Spa

Description: Korean massage (full body hot stone)
NOW: 200,000d (33% discount)
Quantity in stock: 18
Read more about Papaya Spa here.
Terms and conditions apply. (Book 1 day in advance)

Song Khoe Spa

Description: Full body massage
Was: 300,000d
NOW: 200,000d (33% discount)
Read more about Song Khoe Spa here. 
Terms and conditions apply. (Book one day in advance)

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