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Richico Apartments and Hotel

If you like to travel but still want the same comfort as at home, then check in at the modern and spacious Richico Apartments and Hotel just 5 minutes walk from the beach. 2-3 bedroom apartments with balconies, sea views, a dining room, mini bar, flat screen TV with cable channels and fully equipped kitchen. Great for long and short stays. Address: 176-178 ...

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Da Nang Beach Apartments

Long or Short Term Stays available at Danang Beach Apartments Danang Beach Apartments located at K38, Le Quang Dao Street, only 5 minutes from the beach, and 3km away from city center. Da Nang Beach Apartment provides 1-2 bedrooms in each apartment. Includes all the amenities inside the room, such as air conditioning, TV, rice cooker, and microwave. Click here to book an ...

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