Transport in Danang

A Guide to Transport in Danang

Da Nang has excellent transport links and acts as the main travel hub for Central Vietnam, with a modern airport, train links to both the north and south, and bus routes going throughout Vietnam and crossing the Laos border.


The motorbike is the go-to method of transportation in Vietnam, weaving through the streets day and night. Renting a motorbike is a quick and easy process widely available throughout the city.
Motorbikes for sale make for a better deal for long term visitors and are easy to find through Internet listings and local dealers for around 4-5 million dong (200 dollars).

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Motorbike Safety
At first glance Vietnamese driving can look like complete chaos. Motorbikes scattered on the road broken by the odd car all moving independent of road markings or signs. There is a method to the madness though.

In Vietnam, the person turning has the right of way and those coming straight on are expected to slow and allow them to turn. Obviously don’t turn suddenly into crowded oncoming traffic, but if you wait for an empty road to turn, you’ll be waiting for a while. Always pass on the left rather than the right. When navigating traffic circles honk to show you’re continuing through and signal with your hand. Always wear a helmet or risk getting a fine from police.

Renting a Motorbike
Renting a motorbike is a fairly easy process and rentals can be found almost anywhere in the city and with the most ease around An Thuong. A fair price is between 100,000d and 150,000d per day.

Longer renters (2 weeks to a month) usually get some kind of deal from the rental shop. Some providers will ask for a deposit and others a passport. For stays longer than a month it’s cheaper to buy a bike and sell it at the end of the trip.

Motorbike Taxis
Independent motorbike taxis (xe om) operate all over the city. These typically older Vietnamese men will offer to drive visitors wherever they like or, in some cases, to do errands in exchange for payment.

These guys are all independent operators, so be sure to agree on a price before stepping on the bike. A ride of 5km should cost around 30,000- 40,000₫.

Xe om Da Nang Hotline: 0123 543 4343


Da Nang is relatively flat and ideal for exploring by bicycle. They can be rented throughout the city, usually outside large hotels. Every evening, tandem bicycles are available on the river bank, east of the Dragon Bridge.

Nui Da Center / 0511 395 8950
Dacotrip / 0123 437 3735
Danaline / 0511 381 1444
Price: 90,000₫ – 120,000₫/day.
(50,000₫ in deposit)


There are different taxi companies in Da Nang each fares and rates that differ in small ways, but generally the price runs about the same. Most drivers have GPS devices to help navigate. It’s rare
to find a driver who speaks more than a little English so it’s best to have your destination written down if you cannot speak Vietnamese. There are few taxis equipped to accept credit cards, so it is recommended to pay in cash.

Taxi Numbers

Tien Sa (yellow) / 0511 379 7979
Mai Linh (green) / 0511 356 5656
Vinasun Green (white) / 0511 368 6868


The unique pedal-powered reclining chairs that move lazily along the Han River and through Hoi An are called cylos. These can be hired for those who wish to take in the city at a relaxing speed without the effort of walking and/or carrying bags.


Da Nang lies on the north-south rail route and taking a long train journey makes for a unique experience as you coast past open farmland, jungle mountains and secluded beaches.

Da Nang Train Schedule


Flights Da Nang International Airport is close to the city center and is the main travel hub for Central Vietnam. The airport is both domestic and international. There are about 20 flights per week directly to China, Korea, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos. Other international connections can be made in Hanoi or Saigon.

The popular domestic airlines:

Vietnam Airlines
Phone: 0511 383 2320

Phone: 1900 1550

VietJet Air
Phone: 1900 1886



There are 6 main routes in Da Nang:

Route No.1 Da Nang – Hoi An
5:30am – 6pm (every 20 minutes)
Fare: 8,000₫ – 15,000₫
Stops at the airport, train station, Museum of Cham Sculpture, My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain.

Route No. 2
Kim Lien – Cho Han (Han Market)
5:30am – 6pm (every 15 minutes)
Fare: 5,000₫ – 10,000₫
Stops at Big C, Han Market, Da Nang Cathedral, Nam O fish sauce village.

Route No. 3
Da Nang – Ai Nghia
5:30am – 6pm (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 8,000 – 15,000₫
Stops at Tuy Loan Rice Paper Village, Cam Le Sesame Cake Village.

Route No. 6
Da Nang – Phu Da
5:30am – 5pm (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 8,000 – 25,000₫
Stops at My Son.

Route No. 4
Da Nang – Tam Ky
5am – 6pm (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 8,000 – 30,000₫

Route No.9
Tho Quang – Que Son
5:15am – 4:30pm (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 8,000 – 25,000₫

Intercity Buses
Buses regularly run from Da Nang to cities near and far in northern, central, and southern Vietnam as well to destinations in Laos. A range of options are available to make sure you have comfortable journey.

Da Nang Central Bus Station
201 Ton Duc Thang St.

Services to Laos

Destination: Pakse
Departure Time: 6.30am (everyday)
Duration: 29 hours
Fare: 450,000₫

Destination: Savannakhet
Departure Time: 7.30pm (Mon, Weds, Sun)
Duration: 19 hours
Fare: 800,000₫

Destination: Tha Khaek
Departure Time: 5am (Tue & Thur)
Duration: 22 hours.
Fare: 940,000₫

Destination: Vientiane
Departure Time: 2pm & 3:30pm (Mon – Sat)
Duration: 29+ hours.
Fare: 730,000₫

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