Vietnam is putting considerable effort into modernization and expansion of its telecommunications system. Domestically, all provincial exchanges are digitalized and connected to Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City by fiberoptic cable or microwave radio relay networks. Main lines have been substantially increased, and the use of mobile telephones is growing rapidly.

Getting a Phone in Da Nang

If you are bringing a cell phone from your home country, you can buy a SIM card at most cellphone shops, which they will cut, size, and install. The cards come with pre-paid minutes and 3G for about 200,000₫, however be sure to check the expiry on the package.

Call code for Vietnam: +84
Da Nang area code: 0511

Topping Up
Go to any phone store and most convenience stores to buy a scratch card with a 12 digit number on it, enter *100* then the 12 digit number followed by # to top up or top up online at

Phone Shops
The Gioi Di Dong – For their location search:
FPT Shop – For their location search:
Vien Thong A – For their location:

Network Listings (customer services)
Viettel Mobile: 95 Hung Vuong, DN. / 19008198
Mobifone: 150-152 Nguyen Van Linh, DN. / 18001090 (Hotline: 090 514 4144)
Vinaphone: 26 Nguyen Van Linh, DN. / 18001091 (Hotline: 091 418 1111)
Vietnamobile: 1st Floor Vinh Trung Plaza, DN. / 789 (Hotline: 092 278 9789
GMobile: 199 (Hotline: 0199 888 0199)
English assistance for international services: 18001001 (free of charge)



Access to the Internet is readily available throughout Da Nang. Nearly every restaurant, bar, and café in the city offers free WiFi access. 3G service is also available from any sim card of the major cell phone service providers can be found easily in phone shops and hotels. Da Nang also offers free Wi-Fi every 20 minutes in areas around main streets, hospitals, universities or tourism places.

To get the access:

Option 1: (SMS Messaging)
Write syntax wifidanang and send to
8188. Then you will receive passwords
of 4 letters and your telephone number
for account numbers.

Option 2: (Sign up online account)
Username: danang
Password: dananagwif


Mail / Post Office

Mail services in Central Vietnam are regular and reliable. For those who wish to send parcels back to their native countries, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more to send by air if time is a concern. Shipping by boat presents a cheaper option but can take months.
EMS Service at Danang Post Offices
Address 1: 1 Le Duan / 155 Nguyen Van Linh
Address 2: 924 Ngo Quyen / 376 Ngu Hanh Son
Phone: 1900 545 433

Kerry Express
Address: 146 Duy Tan
Phone: 0511 355 3553
(Delivery and Pick up at home)

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