Dr. Tran Diep – Danang Dentist

Dr. Tran Diep – Danang Dentist

Dr. Tran Thi Ngoc Diep is the founder of Danang Dentist also known as Cosmetic Dental Clinic at 78 Phan Anh Street, Cam Le District, Danang. Dr. Diep is very experienced and qualified, during the day she works in the dental department of Hospital C and runs her private clinic in the evenings, she is a Cosmetic Restoration Specialist.

All new patients at Danang Dentist are given a free consultation with no obligation for further services. This is a small dental clinic and appointment times are honored, there are no long queues. Please call ahead or reserve a time online to book a convenient time, Diep speaks English quite well and is very friendly and happy.

Here at Danang Dentist we have a full range of teeth whitening services and cosmetic restoration services. These dental services include teeth contouring and reshaping, composite filling, ceramic veneer, ceramic crown- bridges, fixed dentures and removable dentures.

Our general dentistry services include oral hygiene and cleaning, scaling and polishing, root canal treatments and gingivitis treatment.

Address: 78 Phan Anh Street, Cam Le District, Danang
Phone: 090 515 1522
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 2pm – 8pm and Sunday for emergencies.
Make an appointment for a free consultation at:
Appointments or www.danangdentist.com

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