Prao Ethnic (Cơ Tu) Village

The foothills and mountains that roll west from Da Nang and over the border with Laos are the home of the Co Tu ethnic minority. The relative isolation of the region they call home has allowed them to preserve their traditional lifestyle and unique tribal culture.

The ride out is long—about 65 kilometers of mountain road from Da Nang— but as it climbs the jungle mountainsides and plunges through valleys, the natural splendor of Vietnam is around every bend. The sun reflects off the lush green grids of rice fields. Some curves show stunning views of the full coastal valley below. Farms and small villages are the only human marks on the spread of natural landscape.

One popular Co Tu village rests on the edge of the Kon River bordered by mountain peaks. The thatched roofs of traditional rattan and bamboo homes that break through the foliage are the first sign of the village. The Co Tu, dressed in traditional woven garments and draped in beads, offer a warm welcome to visitors and show off their culture and lifestyle.

Women fashion traditional garments from hand looms and string jewelry. The men carve wooden sculptures and work the fields. As the day winds to a close, the smell of roasted meats and cooking rice spreads through the village and the community gathers together to eat in a communal house. There is sometimes dancing and drumming around a fire as night falls.

For visitors who wish to spend more than a day in an idyllic mountain village, some offer overnight stays and tours through the mountains, archery and craft workshops arranged by the villagers. Socially conscious visitors can rest assured certain resorts (like Bho Hoong Bungalows ) began as government funded projects to boost village economies while sustaining ecosystems and culture.

Bho Hoong Bungalows
Address: Song Kon commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province
Office: 111 Ba Trieu, Hoi An, Vietnam
Phone English: 090 510 1930
Phone Vietnamese: 091 694 9519

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