Nam O fish sauce village (Nước mắm Nam Ô)

Fish sauce also known as nước mắm is a staple on any Southeast Asian table, however there’s something different happening in Nam O Village and no one is telling what exactly. The local sauce is known throughout Vietnam for its distinctive flavor, the product of a secret recipe. Locals make it from long-jawed anchovies that can only be caught one month of the year. They dry the anchovies and ferment them in sealed stone pots for months at a time.
This results in a red sauce with a famous taste. It’s worth a visit to the rustic village to see if it’s possible to snag a bottle. The village is just to the north of Da Nang on the way to Hai Van Pass.

Visitors can take the bus labeled Kim Lien- Cho Han to 884 Nguyen Luong Bang Street then follow the small road next to the bus stop to Mr. Vinh’s house for more information about Nước mắm Nam Ô.

884 Nguyen Luong Bang, Da Nang
0120 709 3022

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