Lang Co

Lang Co Laguna

Just over the Hai Van Pass, 40 km from Da Nang, is the serene fishing township of Lang Co sandwiched between the ocean and a scenic lagoon framed by a mountain range.

The main road to Hue runs through the small community. If travelers don’t take the chance to turn off and explore the narrow local roadways, they risk missing the traditional Vietnamese fishing techniques preserved there and scenes of striking natural beauty.

On a clear day the lagoon stretches like glass, still and blue, broken only by the silhouettes of stilted fishermen’s huts and suspended nets until it reaches toward a mountain range made hazy by the distance.

Visitors can sample the local seafood on the water at restaurants at the end of walkways hovering over the water. To the east calm sea water sloshes on white shorelines overseen by the Truong Son mountain range.

You can take a bus from Da Nang Bus Station to Lang Co, however taking a train is simpler. There are four trains a day that stop at Lang Co on the way to Hue.

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