Dong Dinh Museum

Around a bend in the Son Tra Peninsula mountain road, at the top of a stone stairway seven traditional Vietnamese houses sit in the midst of the jungle. This is the Dong Dinh Museum, an exhibit of traditional Sa Huynh, Cham and Dai Viet art alongside contemporary pieces by notable artists.

Perched on the jungle hillside just minutes from Lady Buddha, the houses are linked by a series of winding footpaths overlooking the shoreline of Da Nang Bay. Visitors can take in the landscape from the open-air teak homes while appreciating the craftwork, arts and photography of the local people.

A thatched fishermen’s hut sits on the incline. Built from the remains of old fishing boats with netting suspended from the ceiling, visitors can explore the native fishermen’s lifestyle and daily tools from the early 1900s while their contemporaries bob and dip on the tides stringing nets from the very same coracle boats nearly a century later.

The collection here is assembled and curated by Doan Huy Giao, a documentary filmmaker, poet and holder of the title of Eminent Artist of Vietnam. The reflecting pools and scenic display of art in its natural setting showcase his artistry and eye for setting. It’s a unique opportunity to see authentic artwork in the same homes where it was made and used centuries before.

He also lives on the premises in one of the small houses and welcomes visitors with tea in wooden bowls. Dedicated to the preservation of local life, nature and culture Dong Dinh Museum strikes a harmonious balance between environment and culture.

Address: But Stream, Son Tra Peninsula, just before Linh Ung Pagoda.
Phone: 091 349 4473 / 091 349 2279
Business Hours: 8am – 5pm every Saturday and Sunday
Entrance Fee: 20.000 VND

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