Cam Le Sesame Cake (Khô mè)

Experience a Taste of Danang at Cam Le Sesame Cake Village

Cam Le sesame Cake Village is 6 km south of Da Nang in the Khue Trung ward, Cam Le district and specialises in sesame cake locally known as khô mè.

Khô mè is made of glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger and sesame which are combined, shaped and infused with sugar and sesame. Another variation called khô nổ is made from sticky rice rather than sesame.

The delicious cakes have a soft sugary texture with crunchy sesame seeds. Khô mè from Mrs. Lieu or Mrs. Nhat is well regarded and can be found in most local stores and costs around 25,000d per packet. During the Tet holiday festival khô mè is placed on altars and shrines.

Visitors can take the Da Nang – Phu Da bus to No. 290 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street then get a motorbike taxi. However, it’s easier to drive your own motorbike the whole way.

Sesame cakes are only made every three or four days. If you want to see the cooking process, it is best to call ahead to make sure that they are cooking that day.

Bà Nhất – 7 Nguyen Duc Thieu, Da Nang (Mrs. Nhat’s) – 0511 384 6426
Bà Liễu – 3 An Hoa 12, Da Nang (Mrs. Lieu’s) – 0511 384 6723

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