Bach Dang Street (Riverside)

Bach Dang Street: One of Danang’s Most Vibrant Areas

The Han River threads through the center of Da Nang and in many ways is the focal point of life in the city. It separates the city side from the beach side. It ferries the lighted riverboats and their music through the cityscape and serves as a throughway for fishermen and shipments. Along the city side of the Han River, Bach Dang Street runs from the large Ferris wheel visible on the skyline to the major bridges connecting the two sides of the city and serves as the main drag for social life day and night.

In the morning and afternoon hours, cafes offer coconuts and juices, coffee (western and Vietnamese styles), and as many types of food as a traveler could imagine, all from terraces overlooking the scenic Han and it’s many bridges. The walkway that parallels the river plays host to joggers, cyclists, and various groups doing traditional dances or yoga in the relaxing breeze.

As the sun goes down, the bars open their doors and begin to crowd with expats, locals, and tourists alike. Bach Dang has a variety of nightlife options on offer from laidback reggae bars to live music venues to clubs that bounce pop and house late into the night. Late night, open-air restaurants on the street serve up steaming hot pots and outdoor grills where parties of locals tend to get together and celebrate after work.

Bach Dang Street is one of the liveliest streets in the city and almost impossible to avoid on a trip to Da Nang. When cruising up and down this busy thoroughfare be sure to stop in some local shops and take in the color that lights up the Da Nang skyline as reflected off the Han River.

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