Hue Festival 2016

April 29th marks the kick off of the biannual Hue Festival, a major holiday for the people of Central Vietnam. The ancient and tranquil city of Hue hosts this event to celebrate its historic place as Vietnam’s original capital. A number of leisure activities take place during the celebration.

Locals and foreigners alike fly kites in the clear sun. Calligraphy artists draft traditional pieces showing off the rich artistic heritage of Vietnam. Boats race down the river as revelers watch over the iron railings. A beer festival fuels the party atmosphere alongside local and international food.

Various historical reenactments, including the enthronement of Nguyen Hue and exhibitions of traditional music and dance go on throughout the day that culminates in fireworks over the serene Huong River.

All over the city from Hue Citadel to An Dinh Palace and at other significant cultural monuments throughout the city, Vietnamese and foreign musicians and DJs put on a good show for the crowds to sway and dance to as the fireworks burst overhead.

Head up to Hue to take part in the festivities commemorating all the historical influences and events that led Central Vietnam to become the paradise it is today.

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