Hoa Fest 2016

The inaugural edition of Hoa Fest kicked off last Saturday to a wild reception. The brainchild of local musicians, Jesus Woodcrutch and Johnny Kongo of the rockabilly duo Jesus and Johnny, Hoa Fest 2016 gathered nearly all the local musicians from Da Nang and Hoi An at the legendary Hoa’s Place for an all day festival of music and beer.

Falling on the King’s Commemoration Day, locals and expats alike, free from work and ready to party and dance in the sun, made the journey down to Hoa’s Place. With Marble Mountain in the background, laughter and music stretched down the white sands of Non Nuoc beach toward the calm water.

Mr. Hoa, a bit of a local legend himself for his twenty-odd years of friendliness and beachside bar ownership, was kind enough to host the event. Picnic tables lined his storefront full of people enjoying the Vietnamese buffet and each other’s company. The party started slow in the early afternoon and gathered steam as the sun began to fall over the water.

Kids and adults danced on the patio to everything from rock and surf music to country, reggae, and blues with the orange sun settling around them. As night fell, a bonfire lit up the beach for a barbeque that stretched into the early hours of the morning. It’s rumored some slept on the beach that night, but names won’t be named here.

Truly a good time was had by all that day thanks to the efforts of the folks who dedicated their time and talent for the sake of celebration.

Stay tuned to VNPG for news of similar events in the near future.

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