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Live Music Sence

Live Music Sence

As the lights come on and the sky grows dark over Da Nang, the notes of local musicians spill out of cafes and bars all around the city. The music in this city plays a key part in a night out and that music is often live. The music scene here came from humble beginnings but has grown to the point that people travel here just to live in and explore the musical landscape.

This landscape exploded in 2012 after the construction of two new bridges connecting the east and west sides of Da Nang and opening up the city. Bars hosting quality acts have been cropping up all over the city since. It all started with The Waterfront and Luna Pub putting on acts. This soon struck a chord and bars in Hoi An got up to the same business with Soul Kitchen following suit. The word got out and people kept coming.

Minsk Bar Open Mic


Lola Zolas



From there the options for music in Da Nang started popping up everywhere drawing talented acts to the city. DJs spin in the clubs. Vietnamese floats out of local establishments, while rock, reggae, country, jazz, etc. are played nightly throughout the city. Anywhere in Da Nang is never far from some music.

DJ Polo

Geckos on the Wall

17 Saloon Band

17 Saloon Band

The vibe here is relaxed no matter the venue. Musicians play and gather with the crowd and play again. Show up at Soul Kitchen or Dive Bar for a relaxing night by the beach in Hoi An. Hit Seventeen Saloon to sate a rock taste in Da Nang. Retro Kitchen, May Bar, and Perdue all put on nightly live acts in the city.

Check out the map below for the nearest live music venues.

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