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Relax by the Han River at Green Plaza Hotel 

The Green Plaza Hotel Danang is affectionately granted by nature will all of favorable conditions to be located on the bank of the charming Han River. If Bach Dang street was the balcony of Da Nang city looking over the picturesque Han River as somebody fondly compared, then this hotel would be the graceful young lady standing by the balcony to catch the fresh wind blowing over the Han river from the East sea.

Enjoy the views of the picturesque Han river and endless ocean over the river and the amazing cityscape. The 173 luxury rooms are designed in a way that combines a modern concept and charming aspects of Vietnamese and Champa culture.

Click here to book rooms from 53 USD / 1,192,500 VND per night.  

Address: 238 Bach Dang, Danang
Phone: (+84) (0) 511 3 22 33 99
Fax: (+84) (0) 511 3 22 22 99

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  1. I stayed in this hotel before, very satisfied about the services and staffs here, the receptionist helped me to find the places I wanted to go. They also helped me to do my visa as well. Very happy to see this nice hotel every pages I enter.